'Shark Tank' Entrepreneur Goes 'Beyond The Tank' - Consults With Robert Herjavec For Hiring Key Digital Role

Written By David Hyslop - May 09 2016

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Angie Frost
October 17 2017

I think it’s an awesome idea! Great work, and way to keep the kids entertained!

Mark Zwilsky
August 18 2017

I’m also a weekend dreamer… have a metal detector. Use it to get in some exercise steps and fun. Your product is way cool and when I RV out west this fall I’m going to use your Nugget Bucket for the same. Also a great way for a fun bonding day with my grand sons! Thanks for making it easier to pan gold! Mark Z

Juan Rivera
November 28 2016

Follow ur dream mark and I respect it all the way!!!!!going with Robert was the best decision u made…….

jerry mullinax
May 14 2016

i bought this and it saves a lot of time classifing thanks for more time panning jerry

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