Deluxe Gold Panning Kit

As Seen on Shark Tank, the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket is a patented gold panning kit that makes finding gold easy and fun for everyone. Approved by the Gold Prospector's Association of America (GPAA) for all ages, it's so easy that kids and prospectors alike are using it! Just scoop in your lucky dirt, pour in water and watch the gold concentrate right before your eyes!

In addition to collecting gold nuggets and gems, our kit specializes in concentrating gold dust, the most common yet difficult form of gold to capture. The secret behind it is the sand bed that is naturally created in a bowl when you add dirt and water. The sand bed traps the gold, making the panning process easy!

Safe, eco-friendly and efficient, the GRNB offers newcomers and seasoned prospectors a more enjoyable gold panning experience. Field-tested and recommended by the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) for all ages, the GRNB is made of high-end, “no break” polypropylene resin and weighs just seven pounds, providing an easy-to-carry, all-inclusive kit for finding gold. Included in the bucket is a hand shovel to scoop the dirt, water pail to pour in water, and a gold pan, tweezers, magnet, suction bottle, and vials for collecting your treasure. All items are neatly packed and organized in the kit, which you can seal and carry with the rope handle that comes attached.

What makes the GRNB unique and successful lies in the type of gold it recovers. The most common form of gold, and the hardest to recover, is known as "micron gold", micron particles of high-quality, fine gold. Micron gold, also known as as “flour gold” and “gold dust,” often collects in and around lakes, streams, rivers or ocean beaches. In fact, we have even found small amounts of gold dust in bags of play sand purchased at the local hardware store. The reason it is often left behind and undiscovered is because of how difficult it is to recover. Because of its incredibly small size, it’s very difficult to see unless concentrated in large quantities. Additionally, micron particles are so small that they float on the surface of the water, rendering standard equipment like a sluice box or rock box ineffective. The trick is having the right tools to recover it, and with a GRNB, you have everything you need to do so.

How does it recover this fine gold you ask? The way the GRNB works is by concentrating the gold into a small bowl through our patented classifying system, which utilizes a method for gold panning known as “specific gravity classification.” Inside the GRNB are two different-sized screens for collecting large and medium-sized materials, such as rocks, nuggets, and gems, with the smallest particles and water being thrust by gravity through a funnel, and finally into our concentration bowl located at the very bottom of the bucket. The flow of water coming out of the funnel and into the naturally occurring bed of sand is perfectly regulated such that, a “vertical drop fluid bed” is created, which traps the micron particles of gold. Gold, three times heavier than most of the surrounding materials like magnetic black sand, forms a visible ring at the very bottom of the bowl, just waiting to be panned. With gravity doing all the work, simply scoop in dirt, pour in water, and repeat until the bowl is full of gold!

The concentrated gold makes the final process super easy and fun. Simply pour the contents of the full-bowl into the gold pan and you’re ready to begin panning the super concentrated, gold-bearing dirt. The key to gold panning is to have enough water to float the lightest material in order to stratify the contents. Gently swirl the pan to peel off the lightest materials first, and repeat the process until there is black sand and gold left in the pan. Use the magnet to collect the black sand, and the suction bottle or tweezers to collect the gold! We provide all instructions needed for using the GRNB, as well as the process for panning, in the kit itself. We also provide video instructions our website as well.

Our goal is to provide the necessary education and tools needed to make your next outdoor adventure enjoyable. Not only does the GRNB make gold panning fun and easy, but it may just foster nostalgic memories from spending quality time with those who matter most. Prepare to find gold and so much more with the GRNB.

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