Just Like in Nature - Gold Heads to the Bottom!

This video is a camera shot from beneath and looking up at the bottom of our "Concentration Bowl". It shows gold dust (200 mesh) and some small nuggets being trapped at the bottom in a ring formation. 



How it Works...

Large material, including gold nuggets, gems, coins and artifacts are caught in the upper and lower screens whereas gold flakes and gold dust are trapped in our Concentration Bowl. Specifically, the flow of water coming out of the funnel is perfectly regulated such that it penetrates the bed of sand just enough to trap the gold beneath the bed of sand; too strong or too weak of flow and the gold will be washed over the bowls edge and lost forever. This perfectly controlled flow of water is the patented secret of the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket. See the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket ® in action below...


It's Easy Finding Gold!

Watch the below video to see just how easy it is to set up, operate and prospect for gold (and gems) using a Gold Rush Nugget Bucket ®.


Great For...



Gold panning kit parts.

The complete gold kit taken apart.