"A Breakthrough Design For The Gold Panning Kit..."

As seen on "Shark Tank" February 13th, 2015. Deal made with Robert!

The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket ® truly is a breakthrough design for the gold panning and gold prospecting kit. Field tested and recommended for all ages by the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA). This patented all-in-one design concentrates the smallest of gold particles into one small bowl making the gold panning process super easy. Simply scoop in dirt, pour in water and let gravity do all the work. It's so easy that prospectors of all ages and abilities are using it. EVERYTHING you need to find gold (including gems, cool rocks and artifacts!) is neatly organized inside this light weight and easy to carry kit. The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket ® recovers ~ 99% of the finest gold dust to be found. All, without any chemicals, surfactants, pumps, motors or moving parts. Perfect for those "gold panning only" and motorless areas.


Finding the Gold...

The most common form of gold (and the hardest to recover) are the micron particles known as "gold dust". The good news is that "gold dust" can be found, to some degree, at almost any lake, stream, river or beach. In fact, we have even found small amounts of gold dust in bags of play sand purchased at the local hardware store! The trick though, is having the right tools to recover it. With a Gold Rush Nugget Bucket ® you now have it all.


Your Gold Rush Nugget Bucket ® comes complete with everything you need to start finding gold! "CLICK HERE" to See How it Works...

Made in the U.S.A.

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Gold Ring Formation
A ring of gold that concentrated to the bottom of our bucket! (Click to enlarge)

Kids pouring water in their Gold Rush Nugget Bucket.
Fun and safe for everyone, recommended for all ages!

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